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Singles Awareness Day – aka Valentines

I don't understand why Cupid is Valentine’s representative. First of all, Cupid is a GUY – and most guys are not exactly experts in romance. Second of all, when I think about falling in love, I DON’T think of a chubby, half naked toddler aiming a weapon at me. And, lastly, has anyone noticed that Cupid rhymes with Stupid?

APHRODITE should be the symbol for Valentine’s Day. She was the Greek goddess of love. Instead of flying around shooting people, she actually brought a statue to life when the sculptor, Pygmalion, fell in love with it. THAT’S a love story!

I’ve recently reentered the dating scene - not to be confused with a crime scene. If Cupids are shooting at me I’m feeling the attack and not so much the love. On one first date recently the guy got mad at me for paying half the bill, threw my coat at me and walked out of the restaurant. You’d think he’d be happy saving some money! Another guy canceled our date before we even met because I didn’t answer his text message quick enough. (And they say WOMEN are emotional! Geez.)

So obviously I’m dateless on Valentines Day. But whether you’re coupled or single, celebrate your love for girlfriends by having a Girlfriends Valentines party. Use the party to -

(1) Celebrate healthy hearts by serving heart-healthy foods and disseminating information from the American Heart Association. Have everyone wear red.
(2)  Revel in some naughtiness by drawing names ahead of time and exchanging lucky red panties. Distribute playful discussion cards to keep conversations mischievous. Here are some starters:

Who is your dream lover?
If you could kiss a celebrity, who would it be?
What is your favorite romantic destination?
What is your most romantic dream?
What is your wildest sexual fantasy?
Who was your first crush?
What is the wildest thing that you have done, ever?
What is the craziest pick up line that you have ever heard?
What is the craziest pick up line that you have used?
Have you ever lied to your partner to avoid sex?
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  1. I know how rough it is being single. I love how your article portrays that. I'm still searching though. Does anybody know of any singles events orange county? I would love to go and meet new people.


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