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Great Erotic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

This Valentine’s Day there is no doubt he has a laundry list of things he wants to do with you and perhaps an even longer list of things he want to do to you – in the bedroom. However, there are an amazing amount of sexy, erotic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him that will literally knock his socks off. When thinking of erotic Valentines’ Day gifts for men you have to think about what they really want. A sensual gift is usually the best Valentine’s Day gift idea for him because it can really spice up your sex life. Here are a few great ideas for some spicy and erotic gifts to make this Valentine’s Day really hot.
One great, erotic Valentine’s Day gift idea for him this February is to give him a box of chocolate covered fortune cookies. But instead of fortunes inside the cookies, fill them with little notes about what you will do to him in bed. So when he cracks open a cookie and it says you have to nibble his ear, you’ve got to nibble his ear. The notes can be as dirty as you can imagine or they can be whatever you want. Just make them erotic and fun.

Another great, sexy Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend is to make him breakfast in bed. But don’t just make him breakfast in bed – make sure you are wearing the sexiest lingerie or nothing at all. What an amazing site that will be when your man wakes up in the morning and has a plate of hot breakfast, coffee, orange juice, and your body on a platter. Eat breakfast and make love – what a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for him.

One other sensual and surprising Valentine’s Day gift idea for him this February is to show up at his office – if he has one and make love to him right then and there. Wait for him under his desk and when he comes back from a meeting start to feel up his legs and go down on him. If he doesn’t have an office you can drag him right into the maintenance closet.

And if your man has always wanted to make love in a dangerous place, a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for your boyfriend is to arrange a date to have some public sex. You don’t want to get caught so a great place to do this is in a hotel window or in a car. Make it dangerous and exciting!

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