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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a Man With A Real Job

If your man is the kind of guy that wakes up early, puts on a power suit and tie and heads to the office with ambition and motivation everyday then these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him are just for you. Finding a gift for a man who has everything can either be really easy or extremely hard. Luckily, you just have to make a few mementos to show him that when he’s in the office making deals and arranging mergers that he is thinking about you and when the working day is done he gets to come home to your delicious love. So when you are thinking of Valentine’s Day gift ideas this February, for the guy who spends most of his life in the office – think of these ideas to make him want to spend most of his life in your arms. 
One great, inexpensive, but sexy and sentimental Valentine’s Day gift idea for him this February is to make him some paperweights. Every guy who works at an office and has a high position at a job needs paperweights. Most of his life will be paper work, so when he trying to hold down those important papers why not make him think of you with some homemade weights. It’s as easy as finding a few large, smooth stones and painting them black. You can then draw a heart on it or a little love note from you with your name in white paint. This is a fun and creative Valentines’ Day gift idea for him that shows him you love him and want him to think of you when he makes his next big deal.

Another great Valentine’s Day gift idea for men – in the office or not in the office – is to make him a pair of cufflinks. It’s easy to find a pair of cufflinks that you can customize by inserting a love note or your name. Cufflinks are a great detail on a man’s suite that says he is strictly business, but they are also classy. Making cufflinks for him is not only a fun Valentine’s Day gift idea for him, but might let him score that next big deal. And you might just score too.

And last, but not least, a great addition to any workingman’s desk is a picture of his honey. When thinking about Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him this February try and take a moderately sexy photograph – it can’t be too sexy, because he is at work – and put it in a nice frame. Make sure he puts the picture on his desk so you can keep an eye on him everyday.

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